— 318 —
Made by Power of composing in the Mind.       §2. These collective Ideas of Substances, the Mind makes by its
power of Composition, and uniting severally either simple or
complex Ideas into one, as it does, by the same Faculty make the
complex Ideas of particular Substances, consisting of an aggregate
of divers simple Ideas, united in one Substance: And as the Mind by
putting together the repeated Ideas of Unity, makes the collective
Mode, or complex Idea of any number, as a Score, or a Gross, etc. So
by putting together several particular Substances, it makes collec-
tive Ideas of Substances, as a Troop, an Army, a Swarm, a City, a
Fleet; each of which, every one finds, that he represents to his own
Mind, by one Idea, in one view; and so under that Notion con-
siders those several Things as perfectly one, as one Ship, or one
Atom. Nor is it harder to conceive, how an Army of ten Thousand
Men, should make one Idea, than how a Man should make one Idea;
it being as easie to the Mind, to unite into one, the Idea of a great
number of Men, and consider it as one; as it is to unite into one
particular, all the distinct Ideas, that make up the composition of a
Man, and consider them altogether as one.
Locke Hum II, 24, §2, p. 318