— 315 —
No Ideas in our Complex one of Spirits, but those got from Sensation or Reflection.       §36. This farther is to be observed, that there is no Idea we
attribute to God, bating Infinity, which is not also a part of our
complex Idea of other Spirits. Because being capable of no other
simple Ideas, belonging to any thing but Body, but those which by
— 316 —
Reflection we receive from the Operation of our own Minds, we can
attribute to Spirits no other, but what we receive from thence: And
all the difference we can put between them in our Contemplation
of Spirits, is only in the several Extents and Degrees of their Know-
ledge, Power, Duration, Happiness, etc. For that in our Ideas, as well
of Spirits, as of other things, we are restrained to those we receive from
Sensation and Reflection, is evident from hence, that in our Ideas of
Spirits, how much soever advanced in Perfection, beyond those of
Bodies, even to that of Infinite, we cannot yet have any Idea of the
manner, wherein they discover their Thoughts one to another:
Though we must necessarily conclude, that separate Spirits, which
are Beings that have perfecter Knowledge, and greater Happiness
than we, must needs have also a perfecter way of communicating
their Thoughts, than we have, who are fain to make use of corporeal
Signs, and particularly Sounds, which are therefore of most general
use, as being the best, and quickest we are capable of. But of im-
mediate Communication, having no Experiment in our selves, and
consequently, no Notion of it at all, we have no Idea, how Spirits,
which use not Words, can with quickness; or much less, how
Spirits that have no Bodies, can be Masters of their own Thoughts,
and communicate or conceal them at Pleasure, though we cannot
but necessarily suppose they have such a Power.
Locke Hum II, 23, §36, pp. 315-316