— 315 —
      §35. For it is Infinity, which, joined to our Ideas of Existence,
Power, Knowledge, etc. makes that complex Idea, whereby we
represent to our selves the best we can, the supreme Being. For
though in his own Essence, (which certainly we do not know, not
knowing the real Essence of a Peble, or a Fly, or of our own selves,)
God be simple and uncompounded; yet, I think, I may say we have
no other Idea of him, but a complex one of Existence, Knowledge,
Power, Happiness, etc. infinite and eternal: which are all distinct
Ideas, and some of them being relative, are again compounded of
others; all which being, as has been shewn, originally got from
Sensation and Reflection, go to make up the Idea or Notion we have
of God.
Locke Hum II, 23, §35, p. 315