— 313 —
The Notion of Spirit involves no more difficulty in it than that of Body.       §31. Lastly, if this Notion of immaterial Spirit may have, per-
haps, some difficulties in it, not easie to be explained, we have
therefore no more reason to deny, or doubt the existence of such
Spirits, than we have to deny, or doubt the existence of Body;
because the notion of Body is cumbred with some difficulties very
hard, and, perhaps, impossible to be explained, or understood by
us. For I would fain have instanced any thing in our notion of
Spirit more perplexed, or nearer a Contradiction, than the very
notion of Body includes in it; the divisibility in infinitum of any
finite Extension, involving us, whether we grant or deny it, in con-
sequences impossible to be explicated, or made in our apprehen-
sions consistent; Consequences that carry greater difficulty, and
more apparent absurdity, than any thing can follow from the Notion
of an immaterial knowing substance.
Locke Hum II, 23, §31, p. 313