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Ideas of Body and Spirit compared.       §30. So that, in short, the Idea we have of Spirit, compared with the
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Idea we have of Body, stands thus: The substance of Spirit is un-
known to us; and so is the substance of Body, equally unknown to
us: Two primary Qualities, or Properties of Body, viz. solid coherent
parts, and impulse, we have distinct clear Ideas of: So likewise we
know, and have distinct clear Ideas of two primary Qualities, or
Properties of Spirit, viz. Thinking, and a power of Action; i.e. a
power of beginning, or stopping several Thoughts or Motions. We
have also the Ideas of several Qualities inherent in Bodies, and have
the clear distinct Ideas of them: which Qualities, are but the various
modifications of the Extension of cohering solid Parts, and their
motion. We have likewise the Ideas of the several modes of Thinking,
viz. Believing, Doubting, Intending, Fearing, Hoping; all which,
are but the several modes of Thinking. We have also the Ideas of
Willing, and Moving the Body consequent to it, and with the Body
it self too; for, as has been shewed, Spirit is capable of Motion.
Locke Hum II, 23, §30, pp. 312-313