— 307 —
Idea of Soul and Body compared.       §22. Let us compare then our complex Idea of an immaterial
Spirit, with our complex Idea of Body, and see whether there be any
more obscurity in one, than in the other, and in which most. Our
Idea of Body, as I think, is an extended solid Substance, capable of
communicating Motion by impulse: and our Idea of our Soul, as an
— 308 —
immaterial Spirit, is of a Substance that thinks, and has a power of
exciting Motion in Body, by Will, or Thought. These, I think, are
our complex Ideas of Soul and Body, as contra-distinguished; and now let
us examine which has most obscurity in it, and difficulty to be
apprehended. I know that People, whose Thoughts are immersed in
Matter, and have so subjected their Minds to their Senses, that
they seldom reflect on any thing beyond them, are apt to say, they
cannot comprehend a thinking thing, which, perhaps, is true: But
I affirm, when they consider it well, they can no more comprehend
an extended thing.
Locke Hum II, 23, §22, pp. 307-308