— 307 —
      §21. If it be said by any one, that it cannot change place, because
it hath none, for Spirits are not in Loco, but Ubi; I suppose that way
of talking, will not now be of much weight to many, in an Age, that
is not much disposed to admire, or suffer themselves to be deceived,
by such unintelligible ways of speaking. But if any one thinks there is
any sense in that distinction, and that it is applicable to our present
purpose, I desire him to put it into intelligible English; and then
from thence draw a reason to shew that immaterial Spirits are not
capable of Motion. Indeed, Motion cannot be attributed to GOD,
not because he is an immaterial, but because he is an Infinite Spirit.
Locke Hum II, 23, §21, p. 307