— 306 —
Spirits capable of Motion.       §19. There is no reason why it should be thought strange, that I
make Mobility belong to Spirit: For having no other Idea of Motion,
but change of distance, with other Beings, that are considered as at
rest; and finding that Spirits, as well as Bodies, cannot operate, but
where they are; and that Spirits do operate at several times in
several places, I cannot but attribute change of place to all finite
Spirits: (for of the infinite Spirit, I speak not here.) For my Soul
being a real Being, as well as my Body, is certainly as capable of
— 307 —
changing distance with any other Body, or Being, as Body it self;
and so is capable of Motion. And if a Mathematician can consider a
certain distance, or a change of that distance between two Points;
one may certainly conceive a distance, and a change of distance
between two Spirits; and so conceive their Motion, their approach,
or removal, one from another.
Locke Hum II, 23, §19, pp. 306-307