— 305 —
Complex Ideas of Substances.       §14. But to return to the Matter in hand, the Ideas we have of
Substances, and the ways we come by them; I say our specifick Ideas
of Substances are nothing else but a Collection of a certain number of
simple Ideas, considered as united in one thing. These Ideas of Substances,
though they are commonly called simple Apprehensions, and the
Names of them simple Terms; yet in effect, are complex and com-
pounded. Thus the Idea which an English-man signifies by the Name
Swan is white Colour, long Neck, red Beak, black Legs, and whole
Feet, and all these of a certain size, with a power of swimming in the
Water, and making a certain kind of Noise, and, perhaps, to a Man,
who has long observed those kind of Birds, some other Properties,
which all terminate in sensible simple Ideas, all united in one
common subject.
Locke Hum II, 23, §14, p. 305