— 294 —
Mixed Modes, made also of other Ideas.       §12. I think I shall not need to remark here, that though Power
and Action make the greatest part of mixed Modes, marked by
Names, and familiar in the Minds and Mouths of Men; yet other
simple Ideas, and their several Combinations, are not excluded;
much less, I think, will it be necessary for me to enumerate all the mixed
Modes, which have been settled, with Names to them. That would
be to make a Dictionary of the greatest part of the Words made use of
in Divinity, Ethicks, Law, and Politicks, and several other Sciences.
All, that is requisite to my present design, is to shew, what sort of
— 295 —
Ideas those are which I call Mixed Modes; how the Mind comes by
them; and that they are Compositions, made up of simple Ideas got
from Sensation and Reflection, which, I suppose, I have done.
Locke Hum II, 22, §12, pp. 294-295