— 291 —
And Languages change.       §7. Hence also we may see the Reason, Why Languages constantly
change, take up new, and lay by old terms. Because change of
Customs and Opinions bringing with it new Combinations of Ideas,
which it is necessary frequently to think on, and talk about, new
names, to avoid long descriptions, are annexed to them; and so
they become new Species of complex Modes. What a number of
different Ideas are by this means wrapped up in one short sound,
and how much of our Time and Breath is thereby saved, any one
will see, who will but take the pains to enumerate all the Ideas, that
either Reprieve or Appeal stand for; and instead of either of those
Names use a Periphrasis, to make any one understand their meaning.
Locke Hum II, 22, §7, p. 291