— 268 —
How Men come to pursue different courses.       §54. From what has been said, it is easie to give an account, how
it comes to pass, that though all Men desire Happiness, yet their
wills carry them so contrarily, and consequently some of them to what
is Evil. And to this I say, that the various and contrary choices, that
Men make in the World, do not argue, that they do not all pursue
Good; but that the same thing is not good to every Man alike. This
variety of pursuits shews, that every one does not place his happi-
ness in the same thing, or chuse the same way to it. Were all the
— 269 —
Concerns of Man terminated in this Life, why one followed Study
and Knowledge, and another Hawking and Hunting; why one
chose Luxury and Debauchery, and another Sobriety and Riches,
would not be, because every one of these did not aim at his own
happiness; but because their Happiness was placed in different things.
And therefore ’twas a right Answer of the Physician to his Patient,
that had sore Eyes. If you have more Pleasure in the Taste of Wine,
than in the use of your Sight, Wine is good for you; but if the
Pleasure of Seeing be greater to you, than that of Drinking, Wine is
Locke Hum II, 21, §54, pp. 268-269