— 254 —
Because the removal of uneasiness is the first step to happiness.       §36. If we enquire into the reason of what Experience makes so
evident in fact, and examine why ’tis uneasiness alone operates on
the will, and determines it in its choice, we shall find, that we being
capable but of one determination of the will to one action at once,
the present uneasiness, that we are under, does naturally determine
the will, in order to that happiness which we all aim at in all our
actions: For as much as whilst we are under any uneasiness, we cannot
apprehend our selves happy, or in the way to it. Pain and uneasiness
being, by every one, concluded, and felt, to be inconsistent with
happiness; spoiling the relish, even of those good things which we
have: a little pain serving to marr all the pleasure we rejoyced in.
And therefore that, which of course determines the choice of our
will to the next action, will always be the removing of pain, as
long as we have any left, as the first and necessary step towards
Locke Hum II, 21, §36, p. 254