— 251 —
Desire is uneasiness.       §32. That Desire is a state of uneasiness, every one who reflects
on himself, will quickly find. Who is there, that has not felt in
Desire, what the Wise-man says of Hope, (which is not much
different from it) that it being deferrd makes the Heart sick, Prov. 13: 12. and that
still proportionable to the greatness of the Desire, which sometimes
raises the uneasiness to that pitch, that it makes People cry out, Give
me Children, give me the thing desir’d, or I die ?Gen. 30: 1. Life it self, and all
its Enjoyments, is a burden cannot be born under the lasting and
unremoved pressure of such an uneasiness.
Locke Hum II, 21, §32, p. 251