— 249 —
What determines the Will.       §29. Thirdly, The Will being nothing but a power in the Mind to
direct the operative Faculties of a Man to motion or rest, as far as
they depend on such direction. To the Question, what is it deter-
mines the Will? The true and proper Answer is, The mind. For that
which determines the general power of directing, to this or that
particular direction, is nothing but the Agent it self Exercising the
power it has, that particular way. If this Answer satisfies not, ’tis
plain the meaning of the Question, what determines the Will? is this,
What moves the mind, in every particular instance, to determine its
general power of directing, to this or that particular Motion or
Rest? And to this I answer, The motive, for continuing in the same
State or Action, is only the present satisfaction in it; The motive to
change, is always some uneasiness: nothing setting us upon the
change of State, or upon any new Action, but some uneasiness. This is
the great motive that works on the Mind to put it upon Action,
which for shortness sake we will call determining of the Will, which I
shall more at large explain.
Locke Hum II, 21, §29, p. 249