— 244 —
In respect of willing, a Man is not free.       §22. But the inquisitive Mind of Man, willing to shift off from
himself, as far as he can, all thoughts of guilt, though it be by
putting himself into a worse state, than that of fatal Necessity, is
— 245 —
not content with this: Freedom, unless it reaches farther than this,
will not serve the turn: And it passes for a good Plea, that a Man is
not free at all, if he be not as free to will, as he is to act, what he
wills. Concerning a Man’s Liberty there yet therefore is raised this
farther Question, Whether a Man be free to will; which, I think, is
what is meant, when it is disputed, Whether the will be free. And as
to that I imagine,
Locke Hum II, 21, §22, pp. 244-245