— 242 —
      §19. I grant, that this or that actual Thought may be the
occasion of Volition, or exercising the power a Man has to chuse;
— 243 —
or the actual choice of the Mind, the cause of actual thinking on this
or that thing: As the actual singing of such a Tune, may be the
occasion of dancing such a Dance, and the actual dancing of such a
Dance, the occasion of singing such a Tune. But in all these, it is not
one power that operates on another: But it is the Mind that operates,
and exerts these Powers; it is the Man that does the Action, it is the
Agent that has power, or is able to do. For Powers are Relations, not
Agents: And that which has the power, or not the power to operate, is that
alone, which is, or is not free, and not the Power it self: For Freedom,
or not Freedom, can belong to nothing, but what has, or has not a
power to act.
Locke Hum II, 21, §19, pp. 242-243