— 238 —
Belongs not to Volition.       §10. Again, suppose a Man be carried, whilst fast asleep, into a
Room, where is a Person he longs to see and speak with; and be
there locked fast in, beyond his Power to get out: he awakes, and is
glad to find himself in so desirable Company, which he stays
willingly in, i.e. preferrs his stay to going away. I ask, Is not this
stay voluntary? I think, no Body will doubt it: and yet being locked
fast in, ’tis evident he is not at liberty not to stay, he has not free-
dom to be gone. So that Liberty is not an Idea belonging to Volition, or
preferring; but to the Person having the Power of doing, or for-
bearing to do, according as the Mind shall chuse or direct. Our Idea
of Liberty reaches as far as that Power, and no farther. For where-
ever restraint comes to check that Power, or compulsion takes away
that Indifferency of Ability on either side to act, or to forbear acting,
there liberty, and our Notion of it, presently ceases.
Locke Hum II, 21, §10, p. 238