— 234 —
Power active and passive.       §2. Power thus considered is twofold, viz. as able to make, or able
to receive any change: The one may be called Active, and the other
Passive Power. Whether Matter be not wholly destitute of active
Power, as its Author GOD is truly above all passive Power; and
whether the intermediate state of created Spirits be not that alone,
which is capable of both active and passive Power, may be worth
consideration. I shall not now enter into that Enquiry, my present
Business being not to search into the original of Power, but how we
come by the Idea of it. But since active Powers make so great a part
of our complex Ideas of natural Substances, (as we shall see here-
after,) and I mention them as such, according to common appre-
hension; yet they being not, perhaps, so truly active Powers, as our
hasty Thoughts are apt to represent them, I judge it not amiss, by
this intimation, to direct our Minds to the consideration of GOD
and Spirits, for the clearest Idea of active Power.
Locke Hum II, 21, §2, p. 234